Luther's Works: Digital Download

by Martin Luther (Author); Jaroslav Pelikan (Editor); Helmut T. Lehmann (General Editor)

Now available at http://www.logos.com/

Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 9780800603595
Release Date: Friday, November 16, 2001


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Fortress Press is discontinuing the sale of Luther’s Works on CD-ROM. Fortress Press is happy to announce that the entire Luther’s Works on CD-ROM is available via electronic download from Logos Bible Software. This new method of delivery allows the user many new features:

-instant access via any computer (PC or Mac), iPhone, or iPad
-resize font for optimal readability
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The 55-volume set of Luther's Works, a monumental translation project published jointly by Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House in 1957, is singular in its value to church historians, Luther scholars, and Christians. The message of Martin Luther's faith has never spoken more clearly and more comprehensively than here, and now that the entire set is available in digital format, his message will never speak more freely. This truly exquisite offering will put the entire Luther corpus at the command of a few keystrokes and provide the reader with a Luther resource unrivaled in accessibility and convenience. Luther's Works in digital format is indispensable for studies of Luther and invaluable for preachers.

The first thirty volumes contain Luther's expositions of various biblical books, while remaining volumes include his Reformation writings and occasional pieces. The final volume of the set contains an index of quotations, proper names, and topics, and a list of corrections and changes.

The digital format includes a glossary of many of the technical terms that recur in Luther's works, links to every biblical reference (using the King James Version of the Bible), the text of the Book of Concord (Tappert translation), and searching, bookmarking, and highlighting capabilities.

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